About the Team


Lana De Lorenzi

Lana is a bit of a study junkie with an inquisitive mind. She recently graduated from the University of Melbourne and is already contemplating studying at the post-graduate level.

Lana also works part time at Santa Maria College in Northcote in the Design and Technology Department and we are happy to have head-hunted her and have her join the team.

Lana epitomises dedication and commitment in ensuring that young people kick goals when learning. Their success is her success!

Lana's particular strength is the way that she engages and communicates with parents.  She makes such a positive impact to the lives of her students and their families.

Hey kids, here is a secret about Lana.  She is an amazing artist. If you ask kindly, she'll even draw a picture for you.


Janine McDonald

Lasting Lessons is over the moon in having Janine, a highly experienced teaching practitioner, as a team member. Janine has worked in the education system as a teacher for so long that if education was on the stock market, they should be rewarding her with shares.

Janine oozes literacy and she gets a huge kick out of phonemes and graphemes. Yes, that is possible! 

Janine is an absolute joy to be around and has this wonderful way in making children feel safe and happy. She has a brilliant sense of humour, loves a chocolate or two and the children speak to her as if they have known her for ages.


For Janine, it's all about the children. She always goes above and beyond and has this wonderful capacity to inject children's interests into their lessons.  


Rachael Best

Rachael has a goal and her goal is to support children in kicking their learning goals. Rachael wears two hats at Lasting Lessons, as a teaching practitioner and project officer. Rachael is the ultimate multi-tasker. She is already halfway into her Master of Teaching degree, and she has coupled this with volunteering as a literacy and numeracy tutor at a local primary school. She is tremendously excited to be doing a teaching internship with Lasting Lessons.

As a mother of four kiddos (including twins), Rachael is pressed for spare time. When she does have time on her side, she actively volunteers as a puppy carer for Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs. She is currently caring for a black Labrador called Zula. 

Rachael barracks for Geelong because she apparently has a distant relative that played for Geelong in the 1850s. Maybe she’s famous! 

Rachael is always in for a good laugh and the children who have worked with her always say how much they love her.

We are so blessed to have Rachael as part of the Lasting Lessons’ community. Yes, she will be wearing two hats, but we may need to buy her a Wonder Woman cape too.


Melissa Houston

As a teaching practitioner, Melissa presents with the most valued background experience. With her very own child having additional needs, Melissa understands what it is like from a parent perspective about the challenges in navigating the school system and in advocating for the necessary supports.

A Bachelor of Psychological Sciences qualification isn’t enough for Melissa, as she has returned to university to study towards a Masters in Education. Psychology and education … what a brilliant combination.  Her teaching internship with Lasting Lessons is an added bonus.

Melissa is a little bit sporty. She is an avid Western Bulldogs fan and enjoys watching Melbourne United playing basketball. Melissa is stuck in the 80s, so if she comes dressed in fluro and is bopping to Cyndi Lauper, feel free to join her. She has a thing for anything sweet. Don’t let her loose in Office Works, Smiggles or Typo because she publicly admits to being addicted to stationery. The children love her assortment of weird and wonderful pens and pencils.

Melissa adds to the Lasting Lessons’ community by sharing her insights into how the human mind impacts learning.